Saturday, January 11, 2014

River CC unhappy with two planning applications in the Fishertown conservation area

Chair of River CC Tommy Hogg , speaking at the organisation’s regular monthly meeting on Wednesday night outlined several concerns he had over two recent planning applications. His reservations on the aesthetic appearance of the application for a house in Wilson Street and similar concerns re some materials and parking for another application on St Ninian Road were echoed by his colleagues and Tommy was mandated to take his Council’s concerns to the planning official dealing with the applications.

During discussion Murd Dunbar suggested that the gable end of the house in Wilson Street should be built with stone.
Tommy made reference to a house that was built in Westbury Road he said: “Look what’s happened there with that house, yet the plan, the original plan shows stone cladding.”
Area Political Leader Liz MacDonald, who was also in attendance, said: “It was shocking that one!”

The application for Wilson Street can be viewed on the Highland Council site here and likewise the one for Saint Ninian Road here

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Anonymous said...

The Fishertown is supposed to be a conservation area, note the supposed to be. Some of the developments over the years have made a mockery of that status. May as well let the new styles in.