Thursday, January 09, 2014

South Nairn appeal – lots of reading material for serious students.

The deadline for representations to the Scottish Government reporter who will determine the appeal for the South Nairn planning application has passed and several documents have appeared on the DPEA website. 
A representation from Mr Charles Allenby (he has a rival planning application for the South Nairn area) is calling for a full Public Inquiry hearing rather than simply the reporter considering written evidence – a view that will be echoed by many in Nairn who wish to see the South Nairn issue fully examined. Mr Allenby’s representatives have stated what seems to be a formidable case for the appeal to be rejected. There is also material submitted by Nairn’s Community Councils, the Resident’s Concern Group, Joan Noble, Cathy Stafford and others. 

Unfortunately there seems to be some problems with the site just now and not every document is opening as it should but you can read most of the submissions at the moment. Another problem is that there is not a permanent link to the pages that list the documents, you have to go through the search process every time – the easiest way to do that just now is to go to this page, select Highland on the drop down authority list and once you click go the South Nairn application will be top of the list – a further click will get you there – there’s 14 pages of documents and the ones we mentioned are in the last pages. There will also of course be material from the appellant. 

If any Gurnites find the time to read any of this material please share your discoveries and your thoughts here.


Anonymous said...

A lot to trawl through, but this part of the appeal document is telling:

It is fair to say that a significant number of objectors have raised concerns about the
ability of existing network to accommodate the additional traffic generated by this
development. However the findings of the TA do not support these concerns. These findings
have been accepted by TECS Roads, albeit subject to a number of additional
improvements and measures.”
5.6 Officer’s of the Council and Transport Scotland have confirmed that the TA is acceptable
and that the existing network is capable of accommodating the additional traffic
generated by this development.

Anonymous said...

"Officer’s of the Council and Transport Scotland"

So that'll be the same (insert naughty word) that inflicted all the traffic ligths on the town then....