Friday, January 24, 2014

Nairn residents lobby Fergus Ewing MSP over Delnies Wood bypass fears - video and pictures

Fergus Ewing addresses Nairn residents who gathered to lobby him at the Delnies Wood. Also some images here. See earlier Gurn article published today for interview with Dick Youngson who outlines the abundance of flora and fauna in the area earmarked for one of the bypass routes. 


pigs might fly but not over my land said...

I'm sure the Scottish government will soon get the message that ungrateful Nairnites don't really want a bypass.

Too many NIMBYS willing to kick off as soon as a route is decided

I dare anyone to draw up a route that everyone will be happy with and not object to

Anonymous said...

The Nairn Bypass Game. Draw a route on this map that will be acceptable to all for our new bypass

Map here:

Print out and draw route or edit in the likes of Paint