Thursday, May 01, 2014

There's a big conversation going on

Roy Anderson, the Community Networker for Nairn and Ardersier, sent in the following ingformation:

"Calling all Residents of Nairn and Environs

Have you joined the Big Conversation yet to tell us what more we can do as a community to make life better for older people in the Nairn area? If not Download the leaflet now! Remember to hang on to the front page for reference and pop the back page (after you’ve filled in your ideas, of course) into one of the post boxes in the community centre, health centre, library or Sainsbury's. Every response will be entered into a prize draw for a Sainsbury’s hamper to be drawn after 9th May. We look forward to hearing from you!"


Anonymous said...

Disrespectful I sincerely do not want to be, but first of all what age group in number are they aiming this at? , because the last time I explored (quite recently) what was on offer for the older person (known as retiring age and beyond in my time) plenty of activities are already in place for Nairn? surrounding communities like Ardersier / Cawdor maybe even Auldearn probably could do with more, or to advertise better if more is on offer than first expected.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:41

You'll eventually be the right age