Friday, May 30, 2014

Free Mike Vass concert Nairn Sailing Club Sunday night 8 p.m (1st June)

It's already going to be a big day in Nairn for music with the County fans fish 'n hits show in the High Street on Sunday from 12-5. Information on that here. 

Tonight we hear via twitter than Mike Vass is also giving a free concert as part of his "In the Wake of Neil Gunn" tour. Details below:

Sunday is looking more and more like a great day to come to Nairn. Lots going on, charity boot sale in the morning too (details here) and also along with the fish and hits gigs and bargain meals at the Dolphin chipper there will be 10 mile and fun runs starting and finishing in the High Street - details here.


Eilean- Donan-MacRath said...

Brilliant looking forward to live music hopefully get a few more people joining in as well. Good to see the Sailing Club getting used as its a excellent venue.

Prisoner said...

Where's Mike Vass being held, we need to do all we can to get him released