Thursday, May 01, 2014

Town centre action plan Charrette winds up with a programme or short, medium and long term proposals

Click to enlarge the image of the findings of the charrette held in the Courthouse over the last two days. The beta document was prepared for the participants and made available at 6.30 this evening. The full document will be available on the Highland Council action plan web pages either this evening or tomorrow morning and will give detail on how the consensus drawing came into being.  

The Gurn made a few visits to the charrette over the the past two days and some of those who attended gave a mixture of responses when asked how they thought it was going. It cannot be denied that there were those who found the subject material and discussions depressingly familiar but there were also others, perhaps in the majority, who were exhibiting signs of optimism - especially today. Time will tell if any of the proposals can be achieved quickly in this time of austerity but at least a plan has emerged.

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