Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Donald's wee A96 lights rant

Donald Wilson tells us: "Pleased to hear the Transport Minister Keith Brown promoting a new sooper douper sleeper service from Inverness to London. Last night I was travelling home from the Westerlea folk session at midnight and coming along the A96 before turning up the High Street Brae I observed in the distance the Lochloy Road lights change to red stopping A96 traffic. The interesting thing was, bar me turning up High Street, there was no traffic on the A96. And guess what. I waited. no traffic came out of Lochloy Road or Broadhill either. So Mr Brown, now you've got the nation's luxury rail commuter service sorted, think about the commoners who use your trunk roads in this part of the country and are subjected to interminable delays through the incompetence of agencies in your employ."

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Anonymous said...

I will Second this, I live in broadhill and only two nights ago I got stopped at the lights, No cars. No one waiting to cross and they turned to red, I waited 20s or so then the changed to green. HOPLESS!!!