Friday, May 23, 2014

" The people of Lochloy been let down in the past let’s not let them down again." Michael Green

On Tuesday the revised masterplan for the final phase of development at Lochloy was approved. Michael Green spoke in the chamber at Glenurquhart Road and said: 
"I’m supportive of this development. Nairn is sometimes seen as being anti-development but we’re not. I drove round there yesterday and I know the area well, there are some nice houses, these are nice houses that are envisaged. It is a nice area. I do however, have two areas of concern that I want to raise. One of which Councillor MacAulay has touched on, one which he hasn’t. 

My first area of concern is the ability of Lochloy Road with its choke ponts and chicanes, especially at the junction of the A96 and with the dreaded traffic lights, to cope with the increased traffic  that the development will bring. As the transport assessment has been viewed by Transport and Planning and Transport Scotland and has been capable of handing this increased traffic on the ribbon development. However, just a word of concern. We have some very capable people in Nairn who have built up, as you well know, considerable experience in reviewing traffic assessments. So we will be monitoring the traffic situation very closely to see if Lochloy Road can indeed cope with the increased traffic. 

The 2nd point and this is the final phase of a development that has been going on over 20 years. A development that I have to say has been dogged with controversy, mainly involving developers going into liquidation and the problems and the stresses caused as a result of basically unfulfilled promises and conditions. Now we have been promised in the conditions in three clear areas, outdoor sports and recreational facilities. [...] Springfield are a national company, they are very good builders but let’s try this conditions built in early. 
Condition 4, we’ve been promised a tree planting plan that will be implemented in full during the 1st planting season before the commencement of development. Well let’s try and make sure they actually adhere to the plans and that does actually occur. 

The last point I’d like to make and it echoes what Councillor MacAulay said: this is condition 5 and this is of vital importance and that is that no development shall commence until a scheme for the maintenance in perpetuity of all on site green spaces, woodlands, play areas and other spaces and facilities. Members, officers, let’s learn from our shared experience – because it is a shared experience. The Lochloy community deserve it in this instance, especially in the light of what has gone before  - the most diligent oversight and the detailed scrutiny during this final phase of development. The people of Lochloy been let down in the past let’s not let them down again. They deserve better this time. “


Can't see the wood... said...

Och well, a few trees and it'll all be fine

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for looking after the 'old quarry' behind Old Bar road? There is giant hogweed springing up right along the path and walkers, kids and pets could all be exposed. Somebody needs to clear it!