Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Suspicious callers in Nairn - Local B&B owner urges folk to be aware

One of our regular readers reports this morning two quite smartly dressed teenagers (our correspondent reckons about 14 or 15 years old) turned up at the back door and asked if they could buy a drink! Our regular reader said no and pointed them in the direction of the nearby hotels and then struck up a conversation; asking how old they were...etc, and they said they were in the area, and by the way did she want a quote for tarmacking her driveway? After the end of this conversation and the departure of the two youngsters our correspondent then went back inside (as they had to tidy up after departing B&B guests) - only to discover that the two lads had walked round and into the open front door and were in the hallway. They apparently claimed they thought this was a "different house".
They were chased off and the proprietor called the police (101). Well worth calling the police if anyone else experiences similar suspicious activity suggests our reader.

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