Saturday, May 31, 2014

Don’t be a don’t know! Gurn Independence Referendum Debate this Saturday 31st - 7 for 7.30 p.m Nairn Community and Arts Centre

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Tonight Sat 31st May 7.30 p.m
The image on the left of this post gives you details of the speakers on Saturday night. Are you undecided? According to some polls there are up to 20% of the electorate who are undecided on how to vote in September and many observers feel they will decide the outcome of the referendum. If you have any questions to ask on the subject of Scottish Independence come along on Saturday night to the debate. There will be two speakers from either side and they will speak, debate and answer your questions. Some more about the debate on this Gurn video.

Here are some questions we have received online already.  Do you have any questions too - deadline for submission Thurs 29th 1700. Please send to or submit as a comment to this article. 

The event starts at 7.30 p.m but please feel free to come along at 7.p.m and have a wee blether with the Gurn team and other readers before things get underway. The centre bar will be open prior to the event. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here folks. just get the sticky back plastic out again. It's in the bag. "Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country","Scotland's Our Country".

Unknown said...

Looking forward to it! Tha fiughair orm ri deasbad!

Graisg said...

sin thu fhèin pam, chì mi thu Disathairne a charaid

Anonymous said...

Westminster in the past made it very clear that the main reasons used to be that Scotland was too wee, too poor and too stupind - to ever risk being in control of our own destiny.
After decades of research, today Danny told the world that - err - "Scotland is too wee, too poor and too old."
What a nerve!
That is some future that Better Together is promising. No wonder more and more - except UKIP - are deciding that YES is the way ahead for a better and fairer and more prosperous Scotland.

Neil MacKenzie (Forres) said...

Thank you for organising this event but I'm afraid it didn't help any "don't knows" I spoke to after the event. At one point the panel all answered a lady's question but they hadn't properly heard what she asked. She didn't get her answer and when she tried to protest that fact was told to wait until all the panel had answered before talking. The only thing I personally took from the night was in answer to a 15 year old boy's question about the size of parliament required after a Yes vote, would it be bigger, smaller or the same. Mike Robb (Labour 2015 candidate for Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch) answered that he'd like it to stay the same with many decisions being devolved to local councils (not regional councils). I like that..... a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great evening, thanks to the Gurn team, nice to meet you and hear the speakers