Friday, May 30, 2014

Overgrown grass on cycle path no-man's land bittie gets Gurn reader gurning

Gurnites will know the wee triangle on the cycle path from Kilravock Crescent round to Duncan Drive. It has been neglected in the past and once again it is looking overgrown. One of our regular readers who doesn't live a million miles from this spot was raging about it to us recently. Here is an image of the area that has upset our correspondent. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a mess. They managed to just cut round the edge last time and left the middle. Also outside the Academy and in Duncan Drive was left too long before it was cut leaving unsightly grass trimmings

Anonymous said...

Cut it yourself if your that bothered. Keep Nairn tidy

Anonymous said...

Yes. Why get "raging" about a little are of grass that's a bit too long for someone's liking. When as a good Nairn resident you can get raging about bigger local matters eg banning new houses being built in Nairn, or demanding a bypass is constructed immediately.
These important matters do put a bit of long grass into context.