Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dolphin Chipper prepares for the big event on Sunday - Fish n' Hits 2014

They'll be a lot going on in Nairn High Street from midday on Sunday - in fact it'll all be a bit of a festival atmosphere. More details of the events taking place, including posters, here. 


Anonymous said...

Folk in Nairn are very generous in their support of many charities and organisations, everything from the RNLI to the Chernobyl children, but I have to say that I’m growing a little tired of the fund raising efforts for Nairn football club which is now in it’s 2nd year

I wouldn’t mind so much if it was an appeal to support the likes of young players but it’s not. It’s for a new stand so that a few supporters don’t get wet whilst they’re watching their Saturday afternoon pastime

As I understand it Nairn football club is run and subsidised by businessmen who choose to spend their money on the club. Might I ask as to why their generosity doesn’t stretch to a new stand for the supporters?

I suggest that the fans dip their hands into their own pockets, and if they want to watch a ball be kicked around on a winter’s afternoon that they each buy themselves a warm jacket and an umbrella, problem solved, and if they’re feeling generous they might like to fund raise for a worthy Nairn organisation or two

I would like to add that I wish Nairn County FC well but it’s time to draw a line under the public fundraising

Graisg said...

I think you will find that many supporters do regularly give to charity anon and there are regular charity collections at Station Park too.
The fund raising by the fans is for ground improvements to ensure the future of the Station Park infrastructure for another 100 years - I don't think the fans will be continuing the GIF fund in such high profile fashion beyond this Wee County centenary year.

Anonymous said...

Funding from the Scottish Football Partnership may only be available for a limited period which is why there seems to be such an intense bout of fundraising for Nairn County FC by the supporters. The aim is to raise enough money so that an application can be made for funding early next year for the Cowshead project. If successful an application to the SFP can result in the region of an additional 60% of funding (up to a certain limit which I think is about £40k) on top of what has already been raised. So far the NCFC Supporters Ground Improvements Fund has raised £40,000, some of which, along with many other donations from individuals, has gone towards improvements at Station Park. The improvements being carried out are so that future generations of Nairn people can continue to enjoy watching and supporting their local team.

Anonymous said...

Many football clubs operate successfully without a stand, I fail to see as to why Nairn County need a new one to guarantee their future existence?

For some matches there aren’t even a 100 County fans, £40K plus funding seems a huge expense to ask the public of Nairn to contribute towards for this cowshead project

Attendance at football matches has been falling for many years, would the money not be better spent elsewhere in the county, a new library for example?

If more money is needed is it fair to ask the people of Nairn for to contribute further? As has been said by someone else the club only exists in it’s present form through the interests of wealthy members

Anonymous said...

Fans and many other people have very generously dipped their hands in their pockets. I'm also sure that the same fans donate to many other causes. Nobody is forcing anyone to donate and most of the events organised give something back whether it's a coffee morning or the forthcoming Fish n Hits.

Anonymous said...

If us lads want to support our football club whats the problem. Weve raised 1000s of punds so far and if the public want to donate as well whats the problem