Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday miscellany – “Ashers Scottish Bakers of the Year”, County goings on, digital acclaim for local project, traffic and other topics

Ashers are reporting on their facebook page that they won the Scottish Baker of the Year award last night in Glasgow. Congratulations and likes are pouring into their page this morning as fans of the local champion’s delicious products wake up to the good news. The Gurn team add their congratulations too to the local bakery championi - well done!

The local IT Get it Together project has been nominated for a “Digital Leader” Award. Co-ordinator of the initiative Brigitte Vallance told the Gurn: “We are so pleased about this as we are a relatively small area but with a huge commitment to ensure that everyone who wants to get online can.  As you know we run fun, informal and friendly sessions which anyone is welcome to attend.  The impact that this project has already had can’t be under-estimated.  I have seen unsure learners transform into skilled internet surfers.  Learners who didn’t know how to use the internet just a few weeks ago, are now researching gifts for family members, booking tickets online and saving money. We also have so many new learners confidently using Skype and email not to mention become experts at Candy Crush.  Even games like this not only help touch control and hand eye co-ordination, but they also give a sense of being included and learners find they can relate to their Grandchildren in a completely new way.
Our project has had the support of the Saltire Students from Nairn Academy, who have undergone training, and now support our BIG (Beginners Internet Group) every week.  Both learners and students thoroughly enjoy spending time together, and they learn a lot from each other.”

You can vote for the Nairn project here, it is one of those rather long voting forms however with the Nairn group on page 9 – still a massive achievement for the initiative. This observer visited one of their open days and they certainly continue to do what it says on the tin. 

It’s rumour central on the County Fans facebook pages this weekend with potential comings and goings of players being discussed. The return of Paul MacLeod to the Wee County from Saints has been announced in one thread however and this seems a definite. Congratulations Paul, it will be fantastic to see you back on the Station Park turf! A pitch that is apparently been declared, in an SFA competition based on referee’s analysis, the third best pitch in Scotland. Celtic were 1st, Morton 2nd with Nairn winning acclaim in 3rd place. A marvellous achievement for the pitch maintenance squad and the volunteers that turn out for repairs every Sunday after home games. 

Anyone that enjoyed the County Fans “Fish 'n Hits” fundraiser last year which included music in Castle Lane and bargain fish and other suppers at the Dolphin Chipper will be delighted to know that the event will be repeated in a fortnight’s time on Sunday the 1st of June. Music will again be provided by local musicians and the Dolphin will have another bargain menu to feed you with all proceeds going to the NCFC Supporters Ground Improvement Fund. Images of last year’s event here. More details will be published by the Dolphin and the County Fans soon but we can reveal that there will be a set menu of meals all for £3 each from 12- 4p.m. The High Street will also be closed for a lot of the afternoon  as there will be a Nairn 10 Mile Road Race & Fun Run (5K) Sunday 1st June 2014 in aid of Cancer Research UK and Yorkhill Children's charity, starting at With the runners and their spectators plus the music and the food there will be a bit of a festival atmosphere in Nairn High Street on that day. C’mon down on the day and join the fun. 

Yesterday the A96 lights still seemed to be causing problems in town but on a lesser scale to the Friday night rush hour. Our correspondent who alerted us on Friday was out assessing the situation yesterday and has been proactive in writing to the authorities. He told us: “The traffic in Nairn not too bad today but still queues forming east  bound. The lights seemed erratic with 8 second to 30
second on green on A96. There was one pedestrian who crossed the road but it took three changes to get me through from Harbour Street to the Lochloy junction (approx200m) while on way to Sainsbury’s.”

Our regular reader provided us with images of the situation which clearly show that the west bound traffic has no hold ups but the eastbound disappears off into the 
distance. The image on the right was taken before 2pm on Saturday. Gurnites that wish to comment on the traffic situation in Nairn please add comments to the Friday night thread here, there are some interesting suggestions and opinions coming in, including severe criticism of our local councillors. 

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Anonymous said...

a mini roundabout at merryton would ease congestion there,its these lights that seem to take precedence over the A96 traffic,a petition is needed to sort out this fiasco once and for all,there are more traffic lights in Nairn now,than on the road from Nairn to keith,a damn disgrace