Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nairn online calendar of events coming soon from the Community and Arts Centre

At their recent meeting earlier this month the Nairn Events Committee, comprised of local business representatives, Visit Nairn, NICE, the Book and Arts folk and the town's Community Councils got down to a planning session to help the realise their ambition of an augmented range of events for Nairn throughout the year. 

They heard from Michael Green that an online events calendar could be live by the end of the month. The volunteers heard,  initially – to raise awareness and encourage event organisers to use the calendar, entries would be free;  but thereafter, to ensure the sustainability of the service, there would be a small charge for each entry.  All local organisations would be encouraged to submit details of forthcoming events. It was in everyone’s interest to have a planning facility which ensured that clashes of dates were avoided.

As more and more people access the web from their phones an on-line calendar capable of being screened on smartphones is the aim of the events committee and it is envisaged the calendar would be printer friendly too. More from the events committee later. 


I said...

An existing Events Calendar can be found at Free to use. No charges - ever!

consultation consultant said...

That visitnairn calendar is most excellent. Doesn't seem to be any need for another one. Personally I think there should be a consultation on calendar provision.