Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Questions so far from deepest Gurnshire for Independece Referendum debate - Saturday 31st of May - have you got any too?

We asked Gurnshire if any of you had questions for the speakers who will be at the Gurn Independence Referendum debate on Saturday the 31st in the Community and Arts Centre (see image of poster in this article). Here's what we
have so far, maybe other readers out there have some more. We will take questions on the night but we will also refer to these ones too if time permits.

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 31st of May – 7.00 p.m for 7.30 p.m. The Centre bar will be open prior to the event starting so feel free to come along for a wee blether before hand. In the meantime perhaps Gurnites might have some thoughts themselves on the following questions.

I work for a company whose HQ is based in England. How will this affect me?
Where will the money come from?
How much will it cost me?
Will I have to pay more tax?
What happens if we get Independence and it doesn't work?
How will we protect ourselves. 
What happens if there is a NO vote?
What happens if there is a YES vote and after the election we end up with a Labour or Liberal or Tory government?
After Independence if I was ill and the treatment was only available down south, would I get it?
If the Unionist Parties decide to give Scotland devo-max (or as the Liberals call it "Home Rule"), what powers really should be retained at Westminster? (Just the entitlement to be compelled to participate in illegal wars?) 
Whichever way we vote, i.e. to stay in the union or to become independent, what are 3 things that will be better for us? 


Anonymous said...

I work for a company, that's based in England, that has tried to introduce regional pay rates in the past. i.e. lower pay the further you are from the south east of England. As we are a single UK at the moment the Union has successfully resisted this. In the future how will it be possible to resist lower pay being paid to its employees in Nairn when Scotland is on its own?

Anonymous said...

How would house prices be affected and any 'de-valuation' to properties, mortgage interest rates, mortgages (ALL of which would have to be converted from local currency and paid in sterling)and possibly having to pay more per month, since all mortgages at the moment are in Sterling as is interest rates and as is property would it all be affected if an independent Scotland have to have its own currency or adopt the Euro...? It’s ‘waffle’ if Yes campaign say there would be no change, of course there would be.

I’ve already mentioned in early posts about UK companies seeking to move south of the border and low and behold that is exactly what is now coming out of the woodwork

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:19

I'm not part of the Yes campaign but can tell you that the value of any currency Scotland cared to choose for itself would mean that mortgage costs would fall as the assets which Scotland has are high, and so therefore so would their currency be against the pound

Despite what Westminster says the favoured position is to retain the pound in which case there would be no change

Some companies based in Scotland have threatened to move to England post a Yes vote. I doubt many will as the costs would be higher in many instances

I'm afraid there are a lot of bluffs on both sides of this debate, I look forward to attending the Gurn event on the 31st May hopefully to hear some truths from the horse's mouths

Anonymous said...

Dear Gurn, my question is if we become independent what happens to my state pension when I come to retire? Thank you.