Friday, May 23, 2014

Transport Scotland give assurances over traffic flow through Nairn

Nairn Ward Members of The Highland Council were given assurance this week by Transport Scotland that traffic flow through the centre of Nairn will be improved by the Trunk Road Authority. 

Councillors Laurie Fraser, Michael Green, Colin Macaulay, and Liz MacDonald discussed the issues of traffic flow through Nairn at one of their regular transport
Jams again last week in Nairn
meetings with Transport Scotland and Bear Scotland (North East) officials held on Thursday (22 May) in Nairn.

Leader of the Nairn and Badenoch and Strathpsey Area Councillor Liz MacDonald welcomed the talks, she said: “This was a very productive meeting at which we got a very good update and received assurance that Transport Scotland and their contractors Bear Scotland NE are doing all that they can to improve the flow of traffic through Nairn. 

 “We were also informed that Transport Minister Keith Brown is aware of the traffic problems in Nairn and that the Trunk Road Authority is looking into the issues at Lochloy Junction and that they intend to carry out white-lining and re-assess the traffic lights at the junction. The Nairn members are very pleased with the reassurance that the white lining will be carried out in Transport Scotland’s summer programme.”


Frustrated said...

And white lines are going to help, How?

Anonymous said...

Frustrated, my thoughts exactly.

What Liz said is all very positive but is basically lots of fluff and no substance.

So they had a productive meeting, got an update and assurance that Transport Scotland and Bear are doing all they can. The Transport Minister is aware and the TRA are looking into issues and are re-assessing the lights.

Yay, Nairn Councillors and Highland Council, you really kicked their a***s there, didn't you?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, nothing has changed.

rhona47 said...

So nothing changes, we are still going to be frustrated by the lights. Usual councillors answers palming us off in the hope that we will be happy to wait and see. We need something done NOw NOT AFTER THE SUMMER. By the time tourist get held up in Nairn, if they even try to come through here, they will not want to stop.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if they actually synchronised the lights and took them off the ancient software system they are currently on......

Anonymous said...

Maybe there going to mark out a wee football pitch on the grass as you come into nairn so you can have a wee kick about as you wait for the traffic to moveand ease your stress who could we put in goal to take shots at

Graisg said...

Anon, 9.09. This observer believes they are synchronised to a certain extent and are not on ancient software by any means. There is the additional problems of the pedestrian crossings however, how do you build in that random factor?

Anonymous said...

Its simple:
Stop the lights from changing EVERY time a car approaches from Lochloy and set the A96 lights to run green for at least 1.30 mins without interruption. Whats difficult about that?

Anonymous said...

nice spin but fobbed off again?

Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed Bear, two different people, Traffic Scotland, Keith Brown MP. I have not had a reply this week from any except an acknowledgement from the MP's PA. Great that our councilors get the info but the complaining public don't.
And yes my words exactly "white lines going to help, how!!!!"
Turn off the lights and put the junction back or a roundabout.
I feel like parking across the road and block off the A96 and see what happens then. Probably get arrested.

spin doctor said...

anonymous @ 7.20am and others nailed it. Fluff and no substance.

Glib words, meaningless assurances, political posturing.

Pass the sick bag, I think I'm about to throw up..

Anonymous said...

the lights seem to change to red for no reason, no cars coming out of side streets, what's all that about. Oh yes the lights at Lochloy, don't even get me started on that one