Monday, May 26, 2014

The day after Games day - plans for "Reunion Sunday" take shape

The Nairn Events Committee held another meeting recently and the form of the attempt to extend the Nairn Highland Games activities into the Sunday after games day took shape. Michael Green told the committee that local councillors had agreed the proposal to organise “Reunion Day” events on the Sunday. It would begin with an open-air church service at 11am, and end at about 6pm.  Activities and entertainment would be organised and provided by different groups, but the committee would need to have an outline timetable.  A commercial business would offer kite-flying and balloons.  Stall holders already present for the Games would be encouraged to remain for the Sunday at a reduced pitch-tariff (25% of the Saturday rate).   The committee will endeavour to encourage the wide range of talented individuals and groups in Nairn to perform at the bandstand. 

Good luck to the events committee in their ongoing efforts. Meanwhile this coming Sunday 1st of June, will be a very busy day in the town centre with two events in the High Street: the County Fans “Fish and Hits” with music in Castle Lane and bargain meals at the Dolphin chipper starting at midday; also in the afternoon there will be a charity 10 mile run and a fun run to raise cash for the Yorkhill Foundation. There will be quite a festival atmosphere in the High Street. More details on this page here. If you are thinking of coming to Nairn for these events you could always take in the Charity car boot sale at 10 a.m. in the Sainsbury’s carpark too and make a complete day of it in Nairn.  

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@anon re trader and stance charges - would the trader you spoke to be willing to talk to the Gurn?