Friday, May 30, 2014

Great day for the dignitaries to have a paddle on Nairn Beach - sunshine for seaside awards story

Nairn is one of 12 Highland Beaches to win a seaside award this year and there couldn't have been a better day really to have a bit of a publicity song and dance about it.

Nicola MacAlley got a great picture of Provost Laurie Fraser and some other high heid yin seaside award mannie splashing about - you can see it here.  There's a press release with another picture here on the brand new madeover and confusing(?) at first glance Highland Council site. The Highland News has a really nice picture of Laurie shooting the breeze with Fergus here.  Fergus too has tweeted an image. And here's a whole set of pictures on the Keep Scotland Beautiful twitter account. 

Good stuff, hopefully it will all bring a few more visitors too Nairn. Still very warm by the way at five o' clock and a few folk still heading down to the beach. 

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