Thursday, May 01, 2014

Westies and Subbies CCs - two AGMs for the price of one

On Tuesday night in Nairn Academy the West and Suburban Community Councils had another joint meeting and the romance between the two organisations seems to be going very well. This observer is now wondering if there could be a possibility of wedding bells at some time in the future? Not only did they have a joint meeting, both organisations rolled out their AGMs too in a very efficient manner it must be said. Here's what Rosemary Young of the Westies had to say (we will post info on Dick Younson's Suburban report later this week if time permits).

"Another year passes us by and it is time to reflect on the work carried out by the Nairn West Community Council on the behalf of residents. We started the year with a full compliment of councillors but lost Ann Torrence last autumn and we thank her for her commitment during the time in office. At this point I would like to thank George MacKay as well for being treasurer and all his hard work. I must also move on to thank all the team on what has been a lively and very arduous workload. I do not wish to highlight all events but just those which have been foremost in all our activities. 

Our protest against the building of Nairn South was indeed a highlight of community involvement and continues to be at the forefront of our thoughts as we head to the postponed hearing. To be able to raise enthusiasm for a protest was, I believe, a first for Nairn and it was so good to be involved. As I headed down south later that day from Glenurquhart Road offices, I was more than delighted to hear the news that our efforts had not been in vain - at least not so far. We have had a myriad of statutory consultee requirements as well as other issues involving the whole town. I must give thanks to the tireless work of both Brian and Graham have done on issues such as the pavements, sinkholes, traffic lights, coastal paths, parking on yellow lines, grass cutting, harbour fees, the Common Good, thank you Bill for your work on that, and also Rosebank Church. I know there are others but those are sort of the ones that I feel need to be highlighted. 

And to the immense work on Nairn South, there’s been a massive amount of work done on that. The Inner Moray Firth, Community Empowerment, the A96 and the bypass and all that and the Highland-wide. We have tried to be supportive to those concerned with the Farmers’ Showfield, not only their worries over building but support over noise issues recently the Showies. We are always ready to hear our residents views and concerns and try to act accordingly. Recently having unsightly refuse bins removed from pavements being just one local issue which is still a bit ongoing. Our seagull watch continues with very little success but this year we are actively helping McLean Court residents with their huge problem of seagull infestation causing concern to elderly folk. The forthcoming charrette will also be high on the agenda for town regeneration and issues throughout the town whether in our patch or not will always be at the forefront of our work if it involves residents of Nairn. To this end we have and will continue to support the work of NICE. 

One of the most encouraging parts of this year has been the active involvement of all three community councils and sometimes seven or eight on areas of mutual concern. I thank both Tommy Hogg and Dick Youngson for their wisdom and guidance for what has been a difficult and time-consuming year. It should be noted that community councillors are unpaid, passionate and keen to see things done properly and correctly in their town. We know we don’t always get everything right. As we move forward in Nairn West we see closer linkage with our friends and neighbours in Suburban in the form of joint meetings and possibly even closer linkage moving even further onwards. Thank you. "

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Anonymous said...

Where and who do I contact about seagulls? I watch a neighbour at weekends at least 3 times a day feed the seagulls. Every day The seagulls are fed and almost by clockwork they appear!