Monday, October 25, 2010

92% want a Town Council for Nairn

130 votes in now in the Gurn poll over in the side bar. Unscientific yes, but broadly in line with a larger sample of public opinion conducted by the Suburban Council for the public meeting held last year in the new Community Centre.

If you agree then tell your elected representitives, both on Highland Council and the town's 3 Community Councils. As the cuts bite so the challenges that Nairn faces will stack up. We will have to do more for ourselves if we want to preserve what is best about our community including the seperate identity that Nairn & Nairnshire still have at the moment.
This can be achieved by combining Nairn River, Suburban & West Councils into a Town Council - it won't cost anymore than it does now - Community Councillors provide their services for free!
The Royal and Ancient Burgh of Nairn needs a single voice to deal with the hard times ahead.

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Nairnac said...

Whilst I'm all in favour of a Nairn Local Council for Local People, I'm very wary of adding yet another layer of aspiring politicians to the hierarchy which already exists.
I'm no 'small government' Tory, but when I were a lad, we had the local councillors plus an MP who sat in Westmister.
Now, in addition to Danny doing his best to sabotage everyone in the areas futures, we've got someone in Brussels who I couldn't actually name, although I'm sure they're very well paid for representing my interests there, someone in Edinburgh who may or may not be a Ewing, but is almost certainly handsomely remunerated, and the four Nairnite Councillors who are subsumed into the greater Highland Council (who voted to give themselves salaries not so long back)
All these people produce grand consultation papers, plans and studies, and all the while filing elaborate expenses claims, whilst services and facilities on the ground in Nairn seem to deteriorate year on year.
Before another layer is added we should look at destructing some of what we've already got.
Maybe though, the Nairn Council is needed to chip away at Highland Council to wrestle back some of the control to Nairn, but from the growth in the politics 'industry' I've witnessed in my time I'm very wary of allowing them another opportunity to expand. Today they're volunteers, tomorrow they'll be on expenses, then a salary, and before you know where we are, it'll be limo's with mirrored windows and outriders.
I'd prefer a Nairn Council instead of the Highland one, not 'as well as'.
One thing's for sure, that like weeds, once politicians have got a foot hold somewhere, they spread everywhere and they're very very difficult to get rid of.