Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nairn loon Fraser Nelson ponders the forthcoming cuts at Kinloss & Lossie

'Moray used to be a Tory stronghold, now it's SNP-held. Part of me wonders if this is what happens if the Tories give up on Scotland. There are other things Highlanders worry about: the end of the sleeper train to London and future of Fort George. The MP now representing my hometown of Nairn, incidentally, is one Danny Alexander. Something tells me that he won't be very popular on his next trip back up north if these services are cut away'
Read more on Fraser's blog on the Spectator: ' The unavoidable cruelty of necessary cuts'


Anonymous said...

As the leaks have all come true, the huge number of houses that will be up for sale now beggars belief. Lochloy alone has plenty RAF people there. House prices will plummet as no-one can get a loan to buy them and repossesions will be rife as the poor RAF personnel are moved elsewhere.
Sainsburies were probably waiting to see what was happening and may well withdraw now. Spending will plummet in the area and many shops will close now. Disaster for the whole area for not voting Tory. Danny a pawn and useless. He will make a fortune no doubt at the expense of us all.

Oh Danny Boy said...

Ah well Anon.That may give some of the poor Local people a chance to jump on the property ladder.