Friday, October 08, 2010

Liz on the Councils 800k town centre debt

Here's Liz's thoughts from Wednesday night's Town Centre session at the Courthouse:

'Can I just make a point Laurie? At the resources paper yesterday the Council are paying £36,700 per annum as the cost of borrowing our £800,000 I think what the Council should be doing now, when you look at Nairn town centre there’s not £800,000 or anywhere like it in the size of the development that is being put forward and I think they should take a corporate view on that £800,000 and sort of disconnect the two things from Nairn and just consider what is best for the town of Nairn so I think you have to take a corporate decision on that one now because it’s obvious that it’s not going to come out of the land that’s available for marketing just now but there’s still going to be a massive shortfall so I think that we really need the best option for Nairn and to disconnect that, take a corporate view on it Sandy.'

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