Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nairn Town Centre mind map

Gurn Staff have been playing with a piece of mind-mapping software, click the picture to enlarge and see the first effort. If you're having any difficulties seeing the image you can also try this Gurn flickr page.
Has anyone else got suggestions or ideas and at some date we will update the map?


Nairnac said...

Just a thought....
Couldn't the whole bus station be flattened, including the chippy etc. with the area given over to extra parking incorporating a bus stance. Maybe look at relocating the fire station too. This would allow the retention of the buildings on the opposite side of the road with maybe some more being added to fill the gaps but still giving extra parking.

Fireman Pat said...

I wouldn't be for moving the fire station. Where it is now is the best place for it. Right in the centre of town on the A96. If the fire station was anywhere else the time taken to respond to fires and road accidents would increase.