Monday, October 04, 2010

A Town Council for the Royal and Ancient Burgh of Nairn?

See the new poll in the side-bar. Here at the Gurn we think it would be a good defence against Inverness rule. It could be done by simply combining River, Suburban & West Community Councils into one organisation. The councillors that are on those three bodies offer their services to the Community for free and would continue to do so on the new body so there would be no extra cost to the public purse there. Here at the Gurn we would like to see this come about as part of the ongoing Community Council review.
If you agree, tell Liz, Sandy, Laurie & Graham and also speak to your community councillors. It's our community and it's a changing world. We will have to do more for ourselves as local government services disintegrate under the forthcoming cuts. It would be best if we had a democratically elected Town Council to protect the town's interests and work effectively with the other community councils in the County to likewise look after the interests and identity of Nairnshire. What do you think?

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