Sunday, October 24, 2010

Climate refugees to resettle in the Highlands?

An interesting section in a Highland Council Climate Change consultation document reads:

'One future impact of a changing climate could be the in-migration of people from places worst affected by changing weather patterns both in the UK (low lying areas such as East Anglia) and Europe (Mediterranean and areas affected by excessive heat waves).
Couple this with the expected renewable energy potential of Highland region and the potential is for a population increase with more mixed cultures and languages.'

There's just so much consultation out there that it really is difficult to keep up with it all but should anyone want to browse the relevant climate change documents you can find them in the side-bar of this Highland Council web page.

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Seafield said...

Well how much did it cost to produce this masterpiece? I quote (not verbatum) from a section:

'Different types of maladaptation should be avoided including:
- actions that conflict with mitigation
- actions that use resources unsustainably
- actions that distribute the benefits of adaptation unequally across society'

and so on - does anyone really read these reports?
I looked for a readable summary but lost the will to live in doing so.
Lovely colours, charts and photos though....