Monday, October 11, 2010

Sandy, Pressure and the 800K

At last week's Ward Forum we heard the asssertion from some present that the Highland Council's development brief for the town centre was being driven by the 800K debt incurred to help finance the new community centre. Sandy was emphatic in denying that this was the case however. On two occasions he spoke about the influence of the debt:
In the first part of the meeting he gave a very long answer to Councillor Graham Vine of the West CC who asked about the role of the 800K in the Council's thinking.
Sandy said:
'...if there’s money you know from this development, yes that will have to go into the HC coffers, but we’re not held to ransom by the £800,000.'
Later on a member of the public asked:
' Tell me how much pressure you are under to make this, for this to generate money, how much pressure are you coming from the centre?'
Sandy said (here's part of his longer reply):
'...I'’m sitting in the hot seat in the council and that there’s been no pressure put to me or the administration in the Highland Council who say, 'right you’ve got to turn this round quick we need money back into the council', this money has gone through the system. The council's handling that and we are not under pressure...'
Tommorrow night (Tues) there will a combined meeting of the Community Councils of the Royal & Ancient Burgh of Nairn in the Laing Hall, starting at 07.45 p.m. and they would like you to attend and give your views on the Highland Council's plan for the town centre.

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