Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grantown Wedding

The bride and groom earlier today. Michael Bisset lives in John street and works for the town. The bride Gillian George is from Grantown .
They were married at the registrar this afternoon and a reception was held in the Ben Mhor.
Murd reports the weather was kind for them although cold and a fair sized crowd gathered to wish them well.
Here's Murd preparing for his wee driving job today with the aid of his grandchildren. If you need a stylish ride to get you to the church on time why not contact Murd.


future bride said...

Are there now going to be a new
weddings section in The Gurn for local couple who get married & are you happy to publish a photo.

Lord Ealan Donan MacRath said...

Lord Ealan Donan MacRath says its good to see my trusted old chauffer back on the road again with his old car still shines as good as the day he bought it well done Murd many a bride will be pleased keep up the good work all the best Lord Ealan