Friday, October 22, 2010

Laurie, Graham and Sandy want to put up your council tax!

That is presuming they agree with the administration that they are a part of?

‘SENIOR Highland councillors want to raise Council Tax to help close the authority's £53 million spending gap.
Members of the ruling Lib-Dem/Independent/Labour coalition insist it is the only way to stave off cuts to frontline services and their plea was backed yesterday by Inverness MP and chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.’ More in the Inverness Courier.


Anonymous said...

Two words for "Laurie, Graham and Sandy - BALLOT BOX

Unknown said...

There is no way the Scottish Parliament will allow them to do this.
However, it Laurie, Graham and Sandy wish to donate extra council tax then let them feel free to do so as they obviously have surplus cash!

Anonymous said...

You can't have your cake and eat it, unless the HC are printing money. We, and central government, have to live in the real world. Realistic local taxes or closed down services.

Brian @ said...

Wouldn't do much good raising Council Tax, as the Highland Council is overwhelmingly funded by the Scottish Government. Raising council tax will just mean less funding from Hollyrood. Net gain = zero.