Friday, October 08, 2010

More parking needed - Phillip Konzack

More from Wednesday night and the thoughts of town centre resident Phillip Konzack:
'First, yes, the idea of doing something is, we need to do something and soon, but I think putting building onto there is not the idea. What we need is more car parking space, you say that we want access to the town centre and we have limited car parking space for tourists coming in, residents, people who want to shop in Nairn. That is limited to no car parking space most of the time.'
Phillip is certainly right, parking is quite an issue in Nairn and at times it is almost impossible to find a space in the town Centre, he continued:
'Having more car parking space would open up maybe more retail, more people going to our shops. Certainly we’ve not been fighting trying to get car parking space especially for residents in the area who find it difficult to park their cars especially at busy peak times of the day. You could do, building car parks is actually a cheaper option than building, you could also have landscaping at the edge of the road with trees, bushes making it nice and attractive at the side of the road, that way you could try and alleviate the sort of backside of the town centre. '


Unknown said...

No, no. no! Not more car parking please!

I was there said...

I agree with Philips comments regarding parking. What's the point of talking about making the entrances to the High Street more attractive for tourists and shoppers etc when they can't find anywhere to park? I know people who come down to the car park and if they can't find somewhere to park just head out and go to Forres instead. There is an ongoing problem with parking which the current development brief, and any future version of the brief, will find it difficult to come to a balanced solution. Unfortunately, many drivers are too lazy to get off their backsides and walk any distance and would want parking close by but where else is there near to the town centre which could be used for parking? In the meantime, just watch what happens in the car parks when the High Street is closed for the next couple of weeks.