Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Provost Laurie Fraser's wee faux pas now on Youtube

Gurnites will remember that the video of a recent planning meeting in Inverness was withdrawn from the net in a rather Orwellian fashion by the high head yins in Glenurquhart road. This video contained comments that some found objectionable, even racist. Now the part of the video concerned has made its way to Youtube.
Here at the Gurn and knowing Laurie, we subscribe to the the theory that these are simply bizarre comments but of course highly inappropriate and damaging to Nairn given the circumstances. More proof of why Liz should still be Provost. It is a pity the video was pulled because we would liked to have seen the full debate on the Social Club proposals

What a shame the three loons got rid of her. They could have simply left her as Provost and let Laurie chair the highly paid individuals reading out aloud from Powerpoint sessions, sorry Ward Forums.