Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fears over the Common Good fund – an interesting suggestion from Laurie

Gurnites will by now have probably read the latest instalment of the debate over Nairn’s Common Good cash in the Nairnshire this week. Sandy was once again giving reassurances to the community through the good offices of the local paper. Last night at the Suburban CC meeting Cllr Graham Vine of the West CC raised the issue of control of the Common Good Fund under ACOB. He stated that there seemed to be contradictory information coming from Sandy and William Gilfillan the Corporate Manager.
The point the West has been making recently is that the four Nairn councillors have no veto if the rest of the Highland members should decide to do something with Nairn’s Common Good money. There are rumours, however, that there isn’t much in the Nairn Common Good at the moment but one day if Sandown were sold then it might get a fairly large top up (once £2.3 million or so owed for the new Community Centre were docked from any windfalls).
The debate livened up when Laurie stepped in with an very interesting (and perhaps slightly mischievous?) suggestion. He told the meeting,’Well, the best thing to do is get them both to a public meeting and ask them the same question and see what happens.’
Once the laughter died down Graham Vine stated: ’Perhaps we should ask for it to all be on the next Ward Forum?’
Laurie indicated that he had no problem with that.

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