Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Highland Council 800k down from Co-op's decision - discussion today at Glenurqhuart Road

An item on the Resources Committee meeting agenda today through in Inverness:

19. Financial consequences resulting from the Co-operative Group
Ltd/Somerfield decision to refurbish but not expand their store in King Street, Nairn

There is circulated Report No. RES-140-10 dated 20 September, 2010 by the Corporate Manager (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey) which outlines the financial consequences to the Council resulting from the Co-op/Somerfield’s decision not to expand their store in King Street, Nairn. In particular the report highlights the loss of the £800,000 capital receipt which had been due to be received by the Council from the Co-op/Somerfield.

The Committee is asked to note the financial consequences to the Council resulting from the Co-op/Somerfield decision on 3 September 2010 to withdraw from the Missives.

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Mal Function said...

Couldn't help noticing that the next post on the Gurn reports that the Highland Council is spending £400,000 per MONTH on agency-staff.

Hmmm, so the capital that might have been realised from selling off one of Nairn's key assets - the town centre site - would have been enough to cover the Council's agency-staff payroll for just a couple of months.

Puts the idea of "selling Nairn's family silver" into some sort of perspective...

When will our Councillors start making policy-decisions which are good for the long-term revival of the town, rather than simply acquiescing in asset-stripping proposals?