Monday, October 04, 2010

Problems mount for Highland Council over Nairn town centre

It seems the Council loaned money to help build the Community Centre and hoped to get it back from the sale of the land to the Co-op. It hasn't happened however and the disaster that is the town centre seems to be worse than first thought. 'Interest on the loan is estimated at around £36,700 per annum.' according to the Press & Journal. (of course the community centre has a debt of its own too but here we're just talking about the council's tab). Further costs too:
'A report to go before the council’s resources committee next week also reveals that the local authority spent a total of £21,858 on fees while pursuing the sale of land to the Co-op.'

Now we can see why it would be handy for the Highland Council to sell town centre land to developers for flats, a move which is proving highly unpopular among the populace. The brewing discontent should come to a head at the Ward Forum meeting on Weds night.

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