Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Highland Council ignoring West CC on Common Good concerns?

Councillor Graham Vine of the West watchdogs told the meeting that he’d met with Fergus Ewing again to discuss Common Good Fund concerns as nothing had been heard from Highland Council. He’d also raised the issue with Mary Scanlon’s office. Graham had heard from a Moray councillor that although all Moray elected members were trustees of the Forres Common Good fund it was the Forres members alone that had sole control of that Fund.
‘That is what we feel we should have for Nairn, so that only the Nairn elected members can decide on the use of the Nairn Common Good,’ said Mr Vine.
Brian Stewart said that the ball was very firmly in the Highland court and that a letter had been sent to to local councillors and to Mr Gilfinnan, the Corporate Manager and author of the current policy document. He also stated that they had set out a range of amendments to the Council.
‘Highland Council, seem to prefer to ignore us and go their own sweet way,’ said Graham Vine.

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