Friday, October 15, 2010

Breaking up Highland Council - new SNP policy on the way?

SNP MSP Dave Thompson has suggested breaking up the Highland Council into smaller units. Could this be Nairnshire's chance to make a bit of a comeback or at least a chance for the Royal Burgh of Nairn to run its own affairs once again? Or would it just be a short-cut to full Inverness control which is what some think we already have anyway?
More on the BBC website about Dave Thompson's suggestions Could there be a vote-winner in the pipeline for next year's Holyrood elections?
Update: we have been contacted by Dave's office, it appears his comments on the Highland Council were simply part of a much bigger effort to stimulate debate on Governance of the Highlands and Islands in general. You may wish to read further on the little gadget below or in a more conventional web page here.

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