Monday, October 11, 2010

Streetscape - the beginning of the end

Work started today on the road phase of Streetscape, it is expected that the work will be completed within two weeks although permission to close the High Street has been given for four weeks if necessary.


growtosow said...

it could be the beginning or the end. i am not quite sure if they know themselves by the look of the highstreet today i think not. and on too the parking or lack of it. because if you wanted a parking space in the library car park you would have had got their before the contractors it looked like one motor each lots of planning their then.

Graisg said...

This issue was raised at the River CC tonight and should be taken forward to the stakeholders meeting.

growtosow said...

glad too see that is going too get sorted out. and will wait with baited breath on the highstreet being done. and what like it will be at the end of the day for traffic? or is meant for traffic? because looking at it the other day i am not so sure. but the planners know best and it will all turn out good in the end this sounds like a bedtime story and i think they were just dreamming the pavements are made of gold. yea dream on.