Monday, October 18, 2010

Floods of 1956 more pictures from Tommy & Murd

These latest pictures above unearthed by Tommy Hogg clearly demonstrate the power of nature when the river flooded in July 1956 .

Murd Dunbar's picture of the damage at the Granites also shows how the landscape can change overnight when the power of Mother Nature is unleashed.


Unknown said...

In Tradespark, the flood water reached the level of the window sills on the prefabs.

Seafield said...

Yes it was all caused by cheap affordable air travel and 2 or 3 car families!

Oh wait a minute, that hadn't happened back then...

Anonymous said...

The new Flood Risk Management Act (FRMA) ... introduced by the Scottish Government places new duties on local authorities, SEPA, and Scottish Water to prepare maps of local areas that are at flood risk.
These archive photos will help to show the actual extent of potential flooding.
I hope Highland Council officers view this site and the pics.