Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Want a University (or at least bits of it) in Inverness?

This evening on the way to the Suburban meeting this observer was stopped in the street by a regular Gurnite who feels that it would be tremedous for the town's young people if we had a Uni in the Highlands. He urges fellow Gurnites to take part in the following Scottish Government consultation and see yes. You can download a doc, fill in a few boxes and e-mail it back to the Scottish Government at hels@scotland.gsi.gov.uk The instructions are on this Scottish Government page.


maida comment said...

Yes and long overdue! And it wouldn't only be in Inverness; the new University would cover the whole of the Highlands and Islands and more: down to Perth and over to Elgin.

Look at a map of where the universities are now and you'll see that the North-East and the Central Belt are very well served while we live in a huge area of Scotland with a sizeable population which doesn't have its own university. (Inverness was a potential site back in the sixties but lost out to Stirling then with new universities after that all dotted around places that already had them.)

Universities enrich the social and cultural life of their area but they also bring big economic benefits, not least in creating jobs. And don't believe the doom and gloomers that it can't happen here. Why not? There are already lots of talented, bright people around, plus world-class research and some great courses in the area: marine science, renewables, archaeology, fine art, etc., etc. All that's really misssing is the name 'University' to give it recognition and help it to grow.

Final point: it would be good to have more young people able to stay in the Highlands and Islands to study, but a new university in an area with so many natural advantages and resources should attract students from outside the region as well: good for the social mix in an area short of young people.

Anonymous said...

Presumably x number of 17+ students leave the Highlands and Islands (Highland Council area, Moray, Shetland, Orkney, Western Isles and Argyll and the Islands) to study every year.

Could anyone tell me:

1 Which courses do they choose to study?

2 Which Universities / colleges do they choose for their studies?

3 For any given subject why would that student choose to study at that uni?

3 Will the courses they take guarantee them well paid employment and would they all be guaranteed to find a job in their chosen discipline if they wished to return to the Highlands?

4 What is the complete range of courses that will be offered in the Highlands?

5 How many, if any, students choose to study elsewhere where the same course is currently offered at one of the UHI colleges?

6 How many students come to the Higlands and Islands to study and what do the latest surveys show as to what attracts them to the courses and the area?

7 In the simplest quantifiable terms what benefits will this bring year on year for the next 20 years in terms:

Keeping all our young people in the Highlands;

Bringing lots more young people to the Highlands;

Providing them guaranteed employment in an interesting, well paid job which will enhance their skills, motivate them and allow them to afford to live and settle in the Highlands and to raise their families?

8 Is there a plan to assure that this happen? Where is it and what data is it based on?

9 What areas of study could be offered at UHI?

Accounting and Finance, Automotive Engineering, Agriculture, Ancient History
Animal science, Applied biology
Archaeology, Architecture
Art History, Biochemistry
Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences
Business Studies
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry
Civil Engineering, Classics, Computer Science,
Drama, Dance, Dentistry, Economics
Electrical Engineering, English
Film Studies, Food Microbiology
French, Genetics, German, Geography. Geology, Greek, Latin, Law, Management Studies, Mathematics, Music, Midwifery,
Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics, Planning, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Theatre Studies, Theology, Veterinary Medecine, Zoology