Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday night press review

The Nairnshire splashes with 'Nairn will share in Moray's misery'. The local paper presents an in depth look at the what the closure of Kinloss will mean to Nairn's economy with comments from some local leading figures. It doesn't look good, in fact very, very bad. Iain Bain also has a hard hitting editorial on the matter too.
Lots more in this week's paper including Sandy insisting that the Common Good Fund is still under the control of the local members plus a report on the town centre consultation. There's a few traders gurning about loss of income from the streetscape and Fergus Ewing wants clarification of the future of the Fort. Is it really possible that there will soon be no military presence in the area at all?
On the subject of Kinloss there is now a rather large Facebook group, Save RAF Kinloss, campaigning for its retention. Browsing the site there are suggestions of demonstrations, petitions etc but it is really hard to see how anybody could get this ConDem government to go back on this decision.

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