Friday, October 22, 2010

Splashing out

A regular Gurnite sends us these wet weather pictures of a part of the streetscape. He’s generally pleased with things but is a bit concerned that water seems to be lying in places. Perhaps there’s still one or two final touches to be completed?


Doctor Foster said...

I dont claim to be an expert on the construction of pavements but as the photographs show there is water gathering in the middle due to the bad design, you dont have to be a rocket scientist to work out that if your pavements are off level on each side that after a heavy shower of rain water is bound to stay in the middle as there is a poor flow to the drainage which will also cause icy conditions when the weather turns cold causing problems for pedestrians & if its anything like last year & with all the government cuts would the pavements ever get salted??? also
after a close examination of the pavements i noticed the kerbs have straight edges, now i must admit i may have this wrong but will this not lead to punctures if any vehicle mounts the pavement
is this another bad design should the kerbs edges not been rounded??

growtosow said...

river nairn two or could be just a burn nay ducks or swans but lots of pigeons and lots of saltys pals mind your heid.

Graisg said...

Not an expert either Doc, perhaps there's still a stakeholder's meeting or two to go, you could take your thoughts along to that?
To be fair there were puddles in the High Street before and it looks like there are less now. As to snow and ice? That all depends if anyone ever gets round to clearing/salting it. It doesn't matter how good your pavements are if the local authority hasn't got the finances or the will to treat them effectively.

Toot Sweet said...

Another Gulley Trap.Problem sorted,no problem.Hows that!

Singin' in the Rain said...

I notice the puddle that used to be at the top of Church St by the Estate Agents has now crossed the road to outside the Vic.