Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accident by traffic lights at Rosebank

One of our regular readers took the above picture while waiting at the Leopold Street lights this afternoon and gave us the following report: "An accident occurred today at approximately 2:30 pm on the A96 at the junction with Albert Street. A car mounted the pavement just outside the entrance to Rosebank School destroying the railings. It's not clear at this time if anyone was hurt in the incident, emergency services attended and the vehicle was removed."

Here you can see the section where the railings were destroyed.

Here is a salutatory reminder of the power of even a small motor car and what can happen if something goes wrong. A reminder of just how busy traffic is in Nairn these days perhaps and how much safer we'd be if there was a by-pass around town? No doubt more information will emerge about this incident in the near future.


neilscot said...

I passed this a couple of minutes after it happened.. Would appear a Silver Volvo Estate came out of Albert Street straight across the road and through the barrier outside the school gate..
Did not see anyone injured and the driver was standing beside his car on the phone.
I saw all this before police etc arrived.

neilscot said...

So understandable a Volvo Estate is not a small vehicle as mentioned below pic of mangled railings.. When i passed it was still in situe jammed in through the railings.
I guess its a good job there was no pedestrians or kids at the school or it could have been a very sad story!

Anonymous said...

What chance is there that when the railings are replaced common sense will prevail and they'll be extended up to the new crossing? Or is common sense still being rationed?