Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Colours River Nairn

Regular Nairn Blogosphere readers will remember the Swan Blogger highlighting the manhole cover and pipe (under the triangular coping stones that run alongside the river just down the wee brae opposite the Harbour Street Stores) that are likely to allow sewage to flood out in times of heavy rainfall. The pipe under the coping stones heads down to the sewerage bridge where there are also problems in times of heavy rainfull. Since this video and pictures taken in 2008 new manhole covers have been installed there but you can still see similar scenes once there is a considerable amount of precipitation.

What is concerning however, is that today, in dry weather, sewage was flowing out from below manhole cover seen in the swan blog pics and dropping down the wall directly into the river. The picture above is of the sewage in the vegetation on the river side of the manhole cover. You can see the edge of the wall where the effluent is falling into the river. Time for Scottish Water to sort the whole section leading to the sewage bridge under the triangular coping before things get worse?


Anonymous said...

This was very well high lighted by joe or the swan blogger as you refer to him and still nothing has been done.What about Cllr graham marsden has he not seen this when he is out and about picking up litter ?

More brown than cabbage looking said...

I suspect that the resolve for this is a lot of investment by Scottish Water and as long as they can let it leak away without too much fuss they will do so.

They aren't exactly a green company otherwise they would have fixed this problem long ago

I expect they'll give some of the usual spin if pressed, and might even replace the odd drain cover, but we;ll still have the problem

Might be time to call in Environmental Health, raw sewage entering the river was something I thought we'd resolved a couple of centuries back!

Joe said...

Aye Des, glad you highlight the sewage problem once more at this section in particular. It certainly needs attention fast and I did encourage the people living close by to complain to Scottish water, that they have children playing at risk when the overflow spills onto the walkway. The Russian lady said Scottish water cant fix it because the funds are not available. I told her to complain to SEPA and that they will make Scottish water do it !
After the last overspill Scottish water turned up with tanker and a 5 gallon drum of disenfectant which they splashed all over the grass...job done as far as they were concerned ! Anyhow Now that you are onto the River community council am sure we'll see some action on this matter soon ?

Jane Harkiss said...

That sucks. Is it my fault? Guess it is, seeing as I'm God. Sorry... G x

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually thought of telephoning Scottish Water to report the problem, to enable them to take action if a public sewer?
Moaning about it on a blog site will not lead to action, unless the appropriate party are actually aware of a problem.
Just an observation.

Graisg said...

If you read the Swan Blog you can see that Joe Telfer has complained about the sewage problems in this area for some time and I believe residents nearby have complained too.
This observer intends to raise the matter with River CC members early next week and ask for an official letter to be sent to Scottish Water.

Gordon said...

Brown is certainly an autumn colour

get up to date said...

Reading the blog most of it is several years old. If there's a problem today don't moan on line. Simply telephone the problem to Scottish Water.

There's a subtle difference between moaning about old blogs, and reporting a current problem.

Graisg said...

Get up to date? Read the comment - published above by Joe Telfer or go over to the swan blog and have a read - Scottish Water and SEPA should be well aware of problems in this area.

joe said...

Scottish water are well aware of this problem but are able to use the heavy rainfall excuse and licence for overspill into the river to avoid spending money on it. The fact is that if there was a burst water main in the street they would have to fix it, - a burst sewage pipe deserves equal priority !

Joe said...

The leaks from the Main sewer occur with regularity at the triangular wall( Brochers brae ).

I have photographic records of the leaks on the 9th and 10 of July also 24th August and 1st and 10th of October all this year. There have been many other occasions when I was not around to take pics of the leaks !

Anonymous said...

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I Love Telephoning said...

If a house catches fire, people usually phone immediatly for assistance, rather than blog the fire, moaning how bad it all is and how it's not the first time a fire has occured and that the fire service are well aware of the fire, just because a fire happened previously, although dealt with at that time.
Or is it just easy to moan online, rather than pick up the phone and report the problem directly when it occurs.