Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bus station plans - tweaks in the air?

The Gurn understands that the River CC enjoyed a very constructive meeting with the developer's agent this evening. As reported in the Nairnshire the River meeting was private. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the West CC have a meeting with the same mannie and this will be open to the public in the Community Centre at 19.30.p.m.

Update: One of our regular readers who is less than impressed with the proposal has asked us to point out that the period for submissions on this application is drawing near, the advert was placed in the Nairnshire on the 11th and a period of 14 days takes this application up to the 24th/25th?
So far the plan has attracted no objections or supporting comments. If you do have views it may be worthwhile submitting them soon even if a "tweaked" plan is submitted and an extension for submissions granted to the Community Councils. In the (unscientific) Gurn poll in the sidebar voting was initially heavily against but now there is a broad majority of yes and yes (with tweaks) votes over the Nos and this observer would imagine that that wouldn't be far from feeling in the town generally at this moment in time.

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