Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Liz: " I think this agenda of centralisation and privatisation is obscene"

Liz attacks the Highland Council administration

There was much concern at the Suburban meeting tonight about the new changes in planning meeting procedure - read your Nairnshire for the full horror story of how decision making will move even further away from Nairn.
As a response to a question asked Liz commented: " I think the way the Highland Council is shifting to centralisation and privatisation is obscene. I was just at a meeting for Crossroads this week and they were supposed to be handing the contract for respite care over on the 1st of October but they are going to have to do it until the the 1st of January because Carr Gomm have got no staff. How can they still a contract to deliver a service when they can't actually do it?"

UPDATE: more on the APT blog on the changes that are proposed to planning. One time we had planning decided in Nairn, now it all goes to the Inverness area but soon instead of Highland Council having 3 planning committee areas it will only have 2 and the one we will be in will stretch from here to Skye.

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Please see APT blog on this