Monday, October 24, 2011

Bargain of the Week?

Thanks to one of our regular readers who points us in the direction of a page on the HSPC site: "Rare opportunity to purchase and re-develop a town centre site for mixed use development, subject to Planning."

The marketing drive continues just as the Community Interest Company drive gets underway too. Lots of that in the Nairnshire this evening - very NICE - a must for all students of town centre matters. There are comments from Graham Marsden who supports the setting up of a CIC. He says quite a bit this week including; "Councillors want the best for Nairn and it's our job to take things forward as consensually as possible. It's about taking things forward step by step and that all voices are heard."

Meanwhile in this week's editorial Iain Bain hits out at the latest changes in the planning procedures. He thinks that once again Nairn is getting a poor deal out of it all. All yours to digest for only 45p as soon as the shops open in the morning.

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