Sunday, October 09, 2011

Could Nairn's LibDem mannie be in the bin come May?

The Gurn poll is closed now but we asked Gurnites which Councillor they would most like to see lose their seat in the May Highland Council elections. Oor Graham came out well on top. It was a surprise to see Laurie come second but Sandy wasn't far behind him. Liz just isn't binnable at all however, and the only question that this observer would suggest will arise when she stands again (is she so wishes) is whether she gets more votes than all the other candidates put together or not. You can see the results of the poll on the graphic below - the picture should enlarge.

308 votes were cast. It is worth noting however that 11.04% wanted all four of them in the bin and 3.25% didn't want any of them in the bin. 0.32% didn't know and 1.34% didn't care. It's all unscientific of course and the only votes that will really count will be yours in May 2012.


Anonymous said...

BYE BYE Graham :-D I wonder will he still go litter picking if he does go ? ...Why such a surprise to see mr fraser come 2nd ? No surprise to see liz come last.

Democracy, not here said...

I suggest we don't get too excited as unless there are new people to vote for at the elections of next year, all four will get voted back in under our current election system

Graisg said...

There are usually new contestants each time the elections come around. Of course perhaps nobody will bother. They certainly did for the Community Council elections for which the pay and allowances is £0.00 per annum.
Starting salary for the Highland Councillors is around £15K I think.

Anonymous said...

This lot have almost been in power since the year dot, not much chance of them being ousted. Unlike the Gurn poll in the real elections you can only vote for rather than against. Can't see much change unless we get a new SNP candidate standing to knock Graham off his safe perch