Monday, October 24, 2011

First Minister gets his messages in Nairn

One of our regular readers, and self-styled wanna-be Nairnite, Bill reports:

"I'm up from ENG visiting family this week. We decided to finally see the new Sainsbury's last night. Very nice! Anyway...I'm up and down the aisles looking for an obscure brand of haggis flavored crisps when I nearly tripped over the First Minister of Scotland doing his weekly shop! Not being Scottish (or even British) I thought I could get away with a little banter. So I said hello, introduced myself, and offered him a bottle of "London Pride" ale from my basket thinking he's had a big week and might need a drink. Funny...he wasn't interested! "


Soapy said...

I know he is sometimes referred to as Wee Eck, but I didn't think he was so small you might trip over him! Perhaps you are very tall Bill?

Not too sure I would accept the gift of an unpaid for bottle of beer out of a strangers shopping basket either, maybe it's an English custom :-)

Glad to hear he'd stopped off in Nairn for his messages

Jim said...

Haggis flavoured crisps? Visitors to Lidl at Forres will find them piled high at the checkout. No need to play hide and seek with them!

They come complete with cracked black pepper, if that's your taste.

Anonymous said...

Well I saw Alex at the Golf Oen at Castle Stuart, I said hey Alex and he came and shook my hand...My Mum was at the garden party at hollyrood and she did not want to shake this hand...