Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bus Station development - Parking solution - no buses?

Could the above segment of the NICE masterplan (Version 5) drawn up earlier in the year as part of their deliberations with Highland Council demonstrate a potential solution for the parking difficulties that might arise should the suggested development of 12 flats and a supermarket go ahead on the site of the former bus station garage? Obviously there could also be a lot more spaces in front of the flats/supermarket. NICE had planned to create two bus stops further along the A96 to do away with the need for a Bus Station. See the full document here.

The NICE website has also sprung back into life in the last few days and they want your views and feedback, they state:

"It is time to take stock. Over the next few days, the NICE think-tank will be posting a series of observations and questions. The future direction and activity of NICE will depend on the level of response. It is becoming increasingly clear that regenerating the town centre isn’t a sprint. It looks likely to be a marathon. Has the town got the interest, the stamina, and the enthusiasm to keep up the campaign." More here.


Anonymous said...

The NICE plans do look well, nice. The bus stops are logical and I'm sure all bus drivers would be grateful for not having to pull in and out of the current stops at the old bus garage

Anonymous said...

Four storeys does seem excessive but the views from the penthouse suite should be grand. To assess the impact this potential car... I mean landmark will have suggest all involved walk to the end of the pier and look back into town and how your other hi risers like Marine Appts look.