Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spooky Cinema Nairn

Nairn – famous for Tilda Swinton’s Cinema of Dreams – is about to get a Cinema of Nightmares!

Fans of frightening films are being urged to help decide the second half of community group Cinema Nairn’s spooky double bill on Friday 28 October by voting for one of four cult movies rarely seen on the big screen.
Votes can be cast by visiting The poll closes at midnight on Tuesday (18 Oct).

Cinema Nairn will get into the Halloween spirit by making the first half of its double bill, starting at 6pm, “The Ghost Goes West”. This cult comedy from the 1930s is about a Scottish castle shipped to America along with its resident kilted ghost.

The Highlander who does the haunting is suave Robert Donat, best known for his role as Hannay in Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps. The film is a U certificate and bound to delight all ages.

The public vote for the second half of the double bill, scheduled to start at 8pm, is between the following four films:
The Haunting
The Innocents


little pinkie said...

At least the Cinema of Dreams offered comfy seats and cupcakes

Grigor's Ghost said...

No mention of the Local Ghost Train,
or has it come off the tracks.?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Nairn already have a cinema of nightmares?

It's called the Regal Cinema!

Graisg said...

Yes a phrase first coined by Nairnac back in July 2008: