Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Former Coastguard tugs in the Moray Firth

The BBC reports that three coastguard tugs formerly contracted by the UK government but now paid off are presently in the Moray Firth. More details on the BBC site. You should be able to see their current positions on this page for as long as they stay here. Bratach has published a picture of one of the vessels on his flickr pages - The Anglian Earl.


neilscot said...

I am not sure how to leave a comment, outwith actual topics.. The has nothing to do with Former Coastgaurd tugs....

I am suprised there has been no mention on the gurn site of well kent man Simon Fraser's passing, Simon was a popular chap in the town, he worked in Brown the Butcher's for many years, and became know as Simon the Pieman.
I am also very suprised that Simon played such an active role within The Nairn Drama Club that there is no mention on either the Drama Club website nor there Facebook page.. I think that is rediculous. Simon had spend many years and hours of his time being involved within the club.
RIP Simon.

Graisg said...

Neil, if you, or anyone you know, is sufficiently informed to be able to write an accurate obituary for Simon that records the considerable value and worth and respect he enjoyed in this community then why not do that and publish it on the Facebook page for the Drama club or on the other facebook pages for Nairn?
We'd be delighted to link to it. Perhaps someone already is doing such a piece for the Nairnshire Telegraph - which is still the traditional and best place to place such information.

Jane Harkiss said...

Simon Fraser read some of my work out at the Little Theatre - particularly the wee skit about Sam Pepys. I'm not given to being sentimental as a rule, but having peeps in the town willing to do stuff and make folks laugh and enjoy can't be at all bad, can it? Uh-huh RIP Simon. xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done neilscot, I am suprised also there is nothing on the facebook webpage for the Drama Club.
RIP Simon